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Straight Outta West Yorkshire.. An Ode To Corduroy and Moleskin

The history of textile manufacturing in England spans centuries. As the industrial revolution began to reimagine production opportunities, the industry boomed. Earlier English materials such as wool were being eclipsed (as far as output) by cotton, and fabrics such as moleskin and corduroy began to make a huge impact worldwide. Within a roughly 50 year span in the early 19th century, the number of looms in England exploded from 2,400 to 25,000, a true display of the technology and popularity of the fabrics of the time. 
Although many of the mills that thrived from 1700s -1900s have been decommissioned, you'll still find some of the finest textiles in the world in the valleys of West Yorkshire, England, where we have the pleasure of working with famed mills of the area.
Both Corduroy and Moleskin have strong roots in workwear due its soft yet ultra-durable hand and some of our favorite mid-century vintage pieces are found in these fabrics. We say the time is now for the next cord and moleskin revolution! Stay tuned to check out how we apply these amazing materials season to season.


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