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The Montagnards, French for “mountain people”, received their name during French colonialism in Vietnam. With a history that has endured countless years of persecution and murder, the journey of the Montagnards to the USA started as the government began ushering the American youth to the jungles of Vietnam. It was there that US Special Forces befriended the indigenous group of companions and warriors. As the two groups battled together, they began to rely on one another, trusting each others lives in the hands of fellow man and forging a bond to last a lifetime.   
Knowing the threat the Montagnard people faced after years of fighting shoulder to shoulder with the enemy, the Special Forces began bringing as many of their kin back to the US as possible. Since the war, there has been a never ending fight for the rights and safety of the Montagnard people.
By working alongside the Special Forces, we sought out groups of these folks who have since found safe refuge here in the United States. We go straight to their homes to create original Montagnard pieces, crafted the same way and by the same people as they always have, all with the best sourced quality materials.
It is with great pride from us and those we work with to present this collection. We couldn’t be more proud of the meaning and story behind these products. Take a look, and join the storied history of the Montagnard people.