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Based in Austin, TX, House of St. Clair is a brand founded by its designer, Carson Monahan. Each item created is crafted in the USA with the utmost attention to detail using top-quality materials sourced in Japan and the UK. Season to season House of St. Clair delivers an au courant collection steeped in contemporary takes on classic silhouettes.


Named for Lake St. Clair, a place dear to our hearts, our namesake is as a homage to the influence on style and dress the men in our lives played before us. A meticulous respect for the past is evident in our work as there is much to be learned from things created before us. From utilitarian, military to workwear, streetwear to high-performance, we absorb it all with great appreciation.


It is with this approach in combination with distinct inspiration from around the world that House of St. Clair begins to take shape. Every culture has an unmistakable feel found in everything from food and art to style and dress, with each generation manifesting a new way of portraying this distinction. We are continuously learning from the past with intention in the now, and always looking toward the future.


House of St. Clair is crafted in the USA with the utmost attention to detail to ensure the highest degree of standards.



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