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inspired by the US Navy issued deck shawl of the 1940's, we took into consideration every aspect of this jacket. with a vintage construction, we added length to the body for our take on a traditional smock. each detail of the garment is carefully sourced and is individually hand crafted to the utmost authenticity and detail.


beautiful indigo striped fabric that has been hand painted and aged by artist ryan sneden in new york city. in turn, each piece is different from the next to create a perfectly unique garment that will enhance with each wear. natural bone buttons have been naturally aged to give the garment its proper justice.


due to the hand crafted nature of each piece, we recommend to wash as little as possible. once its time, wash separate and cold, and hang to dry. Alternatively, take to your favorite dry cleaner and wear often.

  • Hand Sewn Buttons Made of Natural Bone and Metal
  • Hand Painted and Aged 12oz. Indigo Stripe Fabric
  • 100% Cotton
  • Hand Stenciled Size Letter
  • Vintage Inspired Cut
  • Cut, Sewn, and Designed in the USA
  • Manufactured at the World Renowned L.C. King Factory using 100 Year Old Machines in Bristol, TN.

Made in the USA

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